Looking for work

Get the tailored support you need Turas Nua is delivering the JobPath programme to help long-term unemployed people get the support they need to move into suitable, sustainable employment.

We work in the southern part of Ireland, in towns and cities like Cork, Limerick and Waterford, giving you the tailored support to help start your new journey to a better future.

We’ll get to know you to really understand your needs – giving you access to a team of specialist people with the right information, advice and guidance to help you through your journey. We also offer additional support to make sure you’re ready for work and have the skills you need to succeed.

When you're on our programme, we'll initially arrange for you to come to a welcome session at an office near you, either as part of a group or one to one with one of our specialist personal advisers. There, we’ll give you an overview of what you can expect from the programme and the support available to you.


We’ll take the time to help understand what you’re looking for, your needs, circumstances, goals and aspirations – all helping us to map out your new journey and get you exactly the right support.

At Turas Nua, you’ll get your own personal adviser who will work with you to produce your action plan, outlining what you can do and what we can do together to help you achieve your goal. We’ll agree and set targets to help keep you on track, giving you milestones along the way to aim for.

We’ll be with you every step of the way to help you overcome any challenges, giving you the tools and techniques you need to get a job. We work with lots of other specialist organisations too so you can be sure that, whatever your needs, we’ll make sure you get the best support for your circumstances.

And the support doesn’t stop when you find a job. Our in work support team is there to help you and iron out any problems you might be having, give you advice and information if you need it, or just be there to listen.

What our customers say


“ I’m delighted to be working again thanks to the help of my PA. While I fulfilled my responsibilities in relation to the tasks I was assigned while with Turas Nua, the support and advice I received there gave me the confidence to pursue and find a job at this late stage in my working life. ”



“ It is a great feeling to finally be back working and a productive member of society. All those years unemployed were very dis-heartening and depressing but you convinced someone to give me a chance. I am very thankful and appreciate the work of Turas Nua. ”



“ I'm very grateful to my PA and the team for all the valuable advice & insights they've given me in my two stints at Turas Nua. I learned a lot about constructing my CV to sell my talents to get myself noticed, I improved my preparation & interview skills and I gained confidence. ”